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Net Insight to launch new Time Transfer Over-IP solution at IBC 2012

September 3, 2012

Net Insight, a provider of efficient and scalable transport solutions for media, IP and broadcast networks, will launch its new Time Transfer Over-IP (TToIP) solution at this year’s IBC 2012 event in Amsterdam. The company will discuss how its TToIP system, the world’s only commercially proven network time transfer solution for wide area networks, addresses the challenges facing broadcasters and service providers using Single Frequency (SFN) Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) Networks.

TToIP is a way of providing synchronisation of DTT SFN’s without the use of Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and is achieved through Net Insight’s award winning Nimbra MSR platform. The solution offers a secure and convenient way to provide accurate, absolute time synchronisation using the same network infrastructure used for video transport.

Net Insight’s solution eliminates the multiple points of failure and removes the need for GPS units, lowering capital costs, and offering faster and easier troubleshooting of system problems. The solution also provides easy management with automatic configuration and reconfiguration functions.

Until recently, most broadcasters were convinced that GPS was the only solution for synchronisation of DTT SFN’s. However, relying on GPS for synchronisation of nationwide DTT networks introduces a number of operational risks as GPS signals are easily jammed or spoofed. Since the availability of the GPS system is controlled by foreign military, Net Insight’s TToIP solution enables sovereign control and national independence of digital terrestrial TV distribution.

GPS based synchronisation also relies on GPS receivers co-located with every transmitter. Although this system works, it proves be very expensive in terms of requiring numerous additional points of failure, as well as capital costs related to having to buy the GPS equipment. And, from an operational perspective, an additional system needs to be deployed just to distribute the clock signals.

“Our Nimbra MSR platform’s Time Transfer capabilities allow for the reduction of capital and operating costs by integrating highly accurate, extremely stable, time signal distribution into the same network used for media traffic,” says Per Lindgren, VP business development and co-founder of Net Insight. “Our platform has a built-in network-based time distribution system that helps improve the reliability of networks and at the same time reduces costs.”

To find out more and speak with company executives please visit Net Insight’s booth located at B40 in Hall 1

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