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MPAA’s Dodds backs Democrat IP platform

September 6, 2012

By Colin Mann

A week after coming out in support of the Republican Party’s platform language on intellectual property and Internet freedom, Motion Picture Association of America Chairman Senator Chris Dodd has praised the Democratic Party for recognising the danger of online piracy in its party platform language on intellectual property.

“I am extremely pleased that the Democratic Party’s platform language reinforces the critical importance of protecting America’s intellectual property while ensuring the free flow of information on the Internet,” said Dodd.

“The Internet is a nearly unparalleled source of creativity and innovation, not just in the entertainment community, but across nearly every sector of the US economy. Protecting that source of creativity, as well as protecting the rights of the people behind that creativity, is integral not just to our economy, but to who we are as a nation,” he declared.

“Through their platform language, both parties have now clearly stated that protecting the free flow of information on the Internet and protecting American innovators are not mutually exclusive goals – and that in fact, they are equally critical,” asserted Dodds, himself a former Democrat Senator. “That kind of insightful approach to this 21st Century challenge from both parties is encouraging, and I look forward to continuing to work with everyone who is invested in these issues to develop meaningful solutions to protect an Internet that works for everyone.”


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