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Quad-play combos from Internode

November 20, 2012

By Colin Mann

Australian IP carrier Internode has launched three A$99 (€80.44) Combo plans that bundle four services including broadband, IPTV, mobile voice and a traditional telephone line.

Three distinct Combo deals are available, with each containing an Easy Broadband 200 ADSL2+ service, a NodeLine home telephone service, Fetch TV Lite and a NodeMobile SIM.

•    the Mobile Value Combo includes a $20 NodeMobile SIM plan;
•    the Router Rental Combo includes rental of a FRITZ!Box 7270 ADSL2+ and NBN router;
•    the Wireless Bridge Combo provides a $119 wireless bridge with the bundle.

The Internode Combo initiative aims to encourage customers to sign 24-month contracts with Internode in return for total monthly discounts that can exceed $30 per month.
According to Internode’s Product Manager, Jim Kellett, the Combo deals offered compelling choices and great discounts. “The Combo plans offer customers a clear financial benefit to buy a complete package of services from Internode,” he said. “We’ve gone beyond the triple play – by bundling broadband, fixed line, mobile voice and subscription TV, we’re now into four-play.”


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