Advanced Television

Andorra Telecom VoD service with Broadpeak

March 12, 2013

Andorra Telecom has deployed Broadpeak’s CDN manager and the Viaccess-Orca service delivery platform, along with Sofrecom’s know-how, to power a new VoD service. Since 2009, the smooth operation of Andorra’s IPTV platform has been guaranteed by Sofrecom – the system integrator for Broadpeak’s CDN technologies and Viaccess-Orca’s RiGHTv service delivery platform, to enable Andorra Telecom to cost-effectively deliver a high-quality VoD service to its subscribers.

“We’re very proud to have successfully managed the integration of best-of-breed technologies with our partners Broadpeak and Viaccess-Orca,” said Jean-Charles Romeu, Sofrecom’s Senior Vice President Large Projects and New Services. “We’re delighted to have fully satisfied our customer, Andorra Telecom, with a very innovative and reliable solution for its customers.”

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