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Foxxum launches Dailymotion app on Samsung TVs

March 15, 2013

Foxxum, specialists in Smart TV solutions, in the online video distribution platform, has launched a new smart TV Dailymotion App that is initially available on Samsung devices worldwide.

The new app allows users to access material they wish to consume from a collection of more than two billion options. It offers features such as intelligent search function and categorisation of content.

Vincent Martin, VP Distribution and Business Development at Dailymotion says: “We appreciate the strong business and technical know-how which Foxxum has contributed to achieving our higher goals. We now expect five times the traffic to the new app compared to our former Smart TV app.”

Foxxum will launch the app on the smart TV platforms of LG, TiVo, and Philips in the nar future, in addition to the platforms already operated by Foxxum itself.

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