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InnoWave develops Share2TV for Vodafone Portugal

March 21, 2013

InnoWave, a technological company with a strong international focus, has just developed the Share2TV app for Vodafone Portugal.

Available to Vodafone Portugal’s customers with a TV service, Share2TV is a solution that allows sharing multimedia content (video, music and images) from an Android device to the TV. Soon it will also be available for iPhone and iPad.
Share2TV can be downloaded for free on Google Play – and soon on App Store – and focuses on improving user experience by delivering an innovative multi-platform application that works simply and without any configuration.

According to António Margato, Head of Communications at Vodafone Portugal, “The launch of this mobile application, in partnership with InnoWave Technologies, represents once again the investment of Vodafone in innovate its TV service and in establishing partnerships with Portuguese companies to develop and deploy innovative services that meet customer’s needs.”

In the genesis of this project was InnoWave’s innovative culture that presented the pilot to Vodafone. Given its unique features, and following the market trend of sharing content between TV and mobile devices, Vodafone decided to invest and stay ahead of the competition. Besides the iOS version, InnoWave is currently working on a number of other innovative solutions for content sharing that will be available soon.

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