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HBO’s Zitter: 3D is dead, 4K won’t sell

March 22, 2013

HBO tech guru Bob Zitter told the TV Connect conference in London that he believes 3D TV is dead. “We (HBO) never thought that 3D with glasses was ever going to get off the ground,” he said. “Consumers have shown they do not want to wear glasses in the home. 3D with glasses is dead.”

Zitter is also no fan of 4K.”I’m very sceptical that consumers are going to want to buy it,” he said, noting that 4K would look best on a TV screen at least 60 inches in diagonal and that many consumers don’t have the living room space for such a device.

Zitter added that broadcasters, such as HBO, will be reluctant to transmit programming in 4K until the a majority of viewers have a 4K set, but it’s unlikely that will happen because so few people will want to buy – or be able to afford – such a large TV.

It should be noted Zitter was also a sceptic about original HD.

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