Knetik secures 5,000 hours for regional services

Knetik Media, a UK platform development company, has secured over 5,000 hours of content for use with its direct-to-consumer online video services.

With new content secured for Arabic, Hindi and English audiences, Knetik Media is positioned to expand its direct-to-consumer services with a focus on regional audiences and ethnic expatriate groups working in various regions of the globe. With multi-screen services such as NUTAN.TV already offering top quality mega serials, movies, and entertainment news, Knetik Media plans to expand current and future services with additional content.

The agreement brings thousands of hours of content to be released throughout the summer in several languages, including Hindi, Malayalam, Gujarati, Punjabi and Tamil. The content will include classic and blockbuster movies from Middle-East, Africa and South Asia along with 1,800 hours of western titles.

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