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SES, Inverto, Abilis and MaxLinear unveil IP-LNB

April 23, 2013

SES, Inverto, Abilis and MaxLinear have been jointly designing an essential component for cost-effective IP distribution of satellite television to the home – a low-noise block down-converter (LNB) that will incorporate eight-channel satellite-to-IP bridging technology.

The IP-LNB is a prototype device that will deliver eight concurrent channels from any of the transponders of a satellite orbital position. These channels may be forwarded via IP unicast or multicast to fixed and portable devices. Satellite signals will be distributed via Ethernet, power-line communications (PLC) or a Wi-Fi local area network (LAN). The technology can be used for free-to-air (FTA) or pay TV applications.

“The IP-LNB will give satellite television providers and consumers new options for distributing unmatched quality satellite television to multiple TVs, computers and tablets over IP at the lowest cost,” said Thomas Wrede, Vice President of SES Reception Systems. “When we committed ourselves to making SAT>IP an open standard, we envisioned this type of innovation.  It is exciting to see it now come to fruition.”

The LNB is a crucial element of a satellite system, receiving signals collected by the satellite dish, amplifying and converting them to intermediate frequencies to be carried to the set-top box (STB).

By locating the satellite reception and the IP bridging functions in the antenna the IP-LNB will enable satellite content distribution to the home over a single Ethernet cable. The IP-LNB may be powered over that same cable through Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, greatly reducing the overall system cost and power consumption.

This new technology enables the satellite signal to be sampled digitally directly at the antenna, making the satellite spectrum data and other link-quality metrics accessible over the LAN. These advancements greatly simplify the dish installation and enable remote monitoring from the LAN.

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