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T-Broad deploys Alticast’s Windmill

June 3, 2013

Alticast, a specialist in interactive TV open standard software solutions has announced that T-Broad, Korea’s largest Cable MSO, has deployed Alticast’s Windmill Ecosystem. Based on the HTML5 next generation open web standard, Windmill provides T-Broad with a powerful future proofed TV application development platform free from vendor lock-in.

Alticast’s Windmill is an ecosystem of open modular technologies to enable service providers to quickly and cost-effectively deploy innovative services. It allows T-Broad to utilise the huge pool of HTML5 developers to design and build their next generation interactive TV experience. Through its native support for HTML5, Alticast’s Windmill makes it easy for T-Broad to follow its plans to launch companion device services encompassing smart phones, tablets, etc.

“It is clear that HTML5 is set to power most next generation TV application development,” said Thomas Jung, Chief Marketing Officer, Alticast. ”By providing T-Broad with a native HTML5 development platform, it is easy for T-Broad to develop exciting new applications that will enhance the MSO’s competitive position in the market. The new applications and services will create additional revenue streams, reducing churn and attracting new customers.”

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