Channel 4 ‘companion’ app

Channel 4 is launching a new second screen companion app as part of its on-going Viewer Engagement Strategy – the first UK broadcaster to develop a dedicated centralised app to accompany its channels and programming.

The app will be launched into beta phase in July to Channel 4’s registered users with the working title of 4Now. Registered users will have the chance to provide feedback on the product as part of its on-going development, including naming the app.

4Now will offer an always-on, centralised destination for synchronised experiences, enabling registered viewers to access additional content for the programmes they’re watching across the Channel 4 portfolio – including programme information, social media activity, exclusive content and interactive content like real-time polls, votes and quizzes.

Keith Underwood, Director of Strategy & Technology at Channel 4 said: “Channel 4 has a long history of delivering innovative new technology projects. As a centralised product destination, 4Now allows us to enhance our relationship with viewers and enables us to offer them a range of interactive, synchronised experiences for shows which may not have warranted a standalone application. Additionally, it enables us to drive further commercial opportunities for our advertising partners. The beta phase launch is also an incredibly exciting opportunity for our registered users to get involved in shaping the development of the product – part of the two-way relationship we have with our viewers.”

Following the results of testing during the beta phase, Channel 4 will continue to evolve the product functionality and aims to fully-launch 4Now to consumers later this year. The app will initially be available on iOS with other platforms being considered for future launch.

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