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EzyFlix OTT débuts in Australia

August 20, 2013

By Colin Mann

OTT movie retailer Access Digital Entertainment has launched its EzyFlix video on demand and UltraViolet service in Australia, claiming to be the first Australian company to be able to offer viewers the ability to download movies from all of the major Hollywood studios. The service will compete with Quickflix, Telstra and the recently-launched JB Hi-Fi offering, among others.

Up to five devices can be registered under one account, with users able to swap devices in and out, with the possibility of syncing in the future.

“When you buy a specially marked video file from EzyFlix, it will be added to your UltraViolet locker. What movies include this is determined by the studios, not EzyFlix, but it will soon include TV shows,” advised EzyFlix CEO Craig White at the launch.

The service will be contract free, with no monthly fees. Users can choose between streaming a movie as a rental or buying it and being able to download it for offline viewing. TV episodes can be bought individually, or an entire season can be purchased.

New release movies will cost A$5.99 (€4.06) to rent a standard definition version and A$6.99 for HD. Purchasing the SD file costs A$24.99, while the HD version will cost some A$29.99.

EzyFlix promises some TV series will be available within hours of their international broadcast. Downloaded movie and TV files will be available for offline viewing.



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