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Witbe and NexStreaming enable OTT and Multiscreen video analytics

September 9, 2013

Witbe, the next generation monitoring company, and NexStreaming, a provider of multiscreen media players, are announcing at IBC in Amsterdam this week, a partnership to offer OTT and Multiscreen video service providers a pre-integrated solution that enables rapid deployment of monitoring and analytics across all smartphone & tablets.
Leading service providers are widely integrating NexPlayer, NexStreaming’s video player SDK, in their Android, iOS and Windows 8 applications. This makes video streaming services available on every device regardless of the terminal brand or OS version, using HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) or Microsoft Smooth Streaming. NexPlayer SDK can be made available with Witbe’s analytics engine pre-integrated to accelerate applications’ development and provide comprehensive metrics on the quality that each user experiences when watching online video. As before, NexPlayer player SDK is very easy to integrate into any application with customized user interface.

This low level integration allows the Witbe analytics engine to report over 50 metrics right out of the box to assess Quality of Experience (rebufferings, freeze time, etc.) and network issues (bitrates, throughput, etc.) together with device information (model, OS version, CPU, etc.). Service providers gain precise understanding of the quality they deliver in each specific user context to easily identify trends, usage patterns, origin of issues and act before customers complain, enforce service level agreements and optimize their delivery infrastructures.

“It’s really a pain for a Service Providers to understand and control the quality of their OTT or Multiscreen video services. They often have very little if not any information on what their subscribers are experiencing,” explains Jean-Michel Planche, President and co-founder of Witbe. “Delivering a quality service is the key to enable transactions and generate revenues. Witbe and NexStreaming’s integration makes it easy for application developers to provide meaningful insights and help service providers maximize video quality over unmanaged networks and develop superior services.”

“Video players that come standards in smartphones and tablets provide scarce information to monitor streams’ quality, identify CDN issues or understand problems liable to device or network types,” explains IlTaek Lim, CEO of NexStreaming. “With the Witbe integration, NexStreaming’s NexPlayer SDK offers the best HLS video player technology with enhanced reporting of a wide range of metrics. This is a real game changer that service providers will definitely leverage to maximize satisfaction and increase viewers’ engagement.”

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