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NAGRA presents 4K User Experience

September 16, 2013

Nick Snow @ IBC

NAGRA has revealed a novel approach in content navigation and discovery designed specifically for the Ultra-HD 4K environment: “Project Ultra”.

“4K is making its mark as the next big evolution in television, providing a spectacular viewing experience supported by powerful user interaction possibilities,” said Hubert Rechsteiner, Vice President of the NAGRA UEX Studio. “It also presents a new challenge to service providers, requiring technologies and design principles that can enable an immersive, intuitive and social TV experience that makes the most of the 4K screen real estate.  With Project Ultra, we’re tackling that challenge head-on by creating fundamentally new user-optimised schemes for surfing, searching and consuming 4K content.”

Project Ultra, combined with the power of OpenTV 5, NAGRA’s newest middleware solution, paves the way for Ultra-HD HTML5 user experiences. Leveraging the OpenTV 5 JavaScript Framework for HTML5 running on a new generation of powerful hardware-accelerated 4K chipsets, Project Ultra delivers an intelligent, and fluid approach for navigating the virtually unlimited content universe. At its centre is the “zoomable” user interface” that offers novel 360-degree navigation capabilities:  three-dimensional planes simplify content organisation and discovery allowing the user to “zoom in” to their favorite content.

And because 4K is all about immersive viewing, Project Ultra’s design minimises any interference with the content on the big screen while offering advanced yet intuitive navigation and discovery methods both on the television and companion device.

Other advanced capabilities include an anticipation engine that places the most relevant content on the first plane; a social discovery mechanism to share content and recommendations with friends; and voice and gesture control for optimised content navigation in the 4K environment.

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