Advanced Television

CDN: control, functionality, business models

December 18, 2013

TV Everywhere is a now a routine demand on content providers, be they broadcasters, pay-TV players or OTT services. This means everyone has to engage with ‘The Cloud’ and make use of CDNs. How is the CDN market developing in terms of functionality, compatibility, hierarchies and business control? We brought together experts from Edgeware, Ericsson and Qarva to discuss the current market and predict the future for CDNs.

  • What should shape a content provider’s decision about whether to ‘home-build’ or use a ‘wholesale’ CDN or combine the two? What business models are evolving for the provider and the CDN?
  • Which are the key performance elements a provider should demand from a CDN? How does a provider ensure QoE for its subscribers?
  • In the blend of global, regional and operator CDNs what are the interconnect issues? Will there be real progress in standardising streaming formats? Does it matter?
  • How do CDNs interconnect with data centres for business rules and back office? How does a content provider avoid losing control?
  • How are CDN’s coping with unmanaged multi-device provision? What are the special challenges of mobile capability?


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