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Cable Europe: Lighter regulatory regime required

January 13, 2014

By Colin Mann

Trade body Cable Europe has welcomed moves by the European Union to create an integrated single digital and telecoms market, but warned that the new legislation should complement and not overturn the existing regulatory framework.

In a statement, Cable Europe noted that European Heads of States have given their green light for EU action in support of the digital economy to create an integrated single digital and telecoms market. “It is the first time that the digital economy has been brought to the highest level of European decision making and this is applauded by Cable Europe,” said Cable Europe Executive Chairman Matthias Kurth.

“To support a booming European digital economy, there is a need for a continuous flow of investments in to underlying broadband infrastructure. A number of network providers have emerged over the last 15 years competing for customers and supplying broadband connectivity to the benefit of the whole economy at large,” he observed.

“We are committed investors in our networks that we upgrade in anticipation of our customers’ needs. Cable companies have recently launched 500 Mbps services and further upgrades of the networks to deliver ultra fast speeds are yet to come, pushing competitors to react. The continued growth of 8.4 per cent in cable broadband subscribers tells us that the demand for connectivity is healthy – and on an upward growth trajectory,” he continued.

“We are encouraged by the potential opportunities in legislative reform for the single telecom market proposals. But more must be done to harness growth in our sector as Europe’s investment climate needs improvement. The new legislation should complement and not overturn the existing regulatory framework. Telecom liberalisation in the EU has delivered good results. Cable has emerged as one of the strongest contender to the incumbent telecom companies, which is the result of extensive R&D and investments cycles. This healthy competition on the market should pave the way to a lighter regulatory regime going forward,” he suggested.

“A reform package for the Single Telecom Market that allows network providers to grow, compete and invest but acknowledges for already reached achievements in member states will retain our support. We look forward to working with decision makers to this end,” he concluded..

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