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Vualto builds secure video delivery solution for the UK’s first fully digital film distribution service for public exhibition

September 3, 2014

Vualto, global specialists in innovative content delivery and management, today announced that it has provided a secure end-to-end video delivery solution based on Adobe Access digital rights management (DRM) for Cinegi, a new service which enables non-cinema venues, event promoters and independent cinemas to host public screenings of a wide variety of filmed media.

Cinegi is the new fully digital solution for secure film distribution to public venues of all kinds, reaching audiences in public venues and independent cinemas throughout the UK. It distributes mainstream, independent, arthouse, foreign language and documentary features, made-for-TV and other ‘alternative’ content such as filmed theatre, music and dance.

“This new service is completely unique as it enables pretty much any venue to legally conduct public screenings of filmed media in full HD,” said Amy Prosser, technical delivery manager at Vualto. “There is no need for special hardware, satellites or media on hard disc — as long as the venue is able to seat guests, has access to a sound system and can project video, they can participate.”

Built by Vualto using Adobe AIR, the Cinegi player application enables content to be downloaded over standard broadband in a resilient way that copes with breaks in connectivity. Unlike with ‘live’ cinema broadcasts, playout doesn’t require super-fast speeds or risk breaks in transmission. It runs on standard Mac OS and Windows hardware so that venues and promoters do not need dedicated, proprietary hardware unlike many other ‘cinema’ solutions.

As the platform distributes content from a wide range of rights holders from large studios to independent filmmakers to a variety of venues and promoters, one of Cinegi’s key requirements was for flexible but trusted content protection. Vualto, which offers off-the-shelf and custom solutions for the protection of both live and on-demand video content, were the obvious choice for Cinegi.

“We have a long standing relationship with the team at Vualto and are confident in their abilities to support us with the video management and security aspects of the project,” explained Patrick Towell, Joint Chief Executive at Cinegi. “They are experts in delivering high-resilient DRM solutions to the broadcast industry and have a wealth of experience building download managers for film and television, enabling us to build and launch the Cinegi platform quickly. Added to this, they also have experience working with Adobe Access — a major advantage for us and our users.”

Vualto implemented a fully automated Adobe Access 4.0 DRM end-to-end solution. Content is encrypted within the secure MPAA- and FACT-approved ingestion facility to which rights holders deliver their master files using Vualto ‘packaging’ technology. A new ‘policy’ is created for every single piece of content sold based on individual screening dates. Port restrictions limit risks of copyright theft on playout machines. The Cinegi team manage content workflow using a simple web interface.

The service is currently in phase one of its private beta in the South West of England. It is soon to open this up to other ‘early adopters’ before becoming available to venues across the UK.

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