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New videoboards from R&S

September 8, 2014

In Amsterdam, Rohde & Schwarz DVS will present the latest addition to its renowned video board family. R&S PRIOS is a powerful board featuring the latest technology which will impress users. The main area of application is the playout of high resolution sequences with extremely high frame rates (HFR). The maximum resolution it can handle is a full 4K (4096 x 2160), with lower resolutions like UHD (3840 x 2160), 2K, and HD also supported.

R&S PRIOS delivers the best possible picture quality as it retains full RGB 10-bit color depth even for 4K at 120 fps. For 4K at 60 fps it can also output RGB 4:4:4 with 12 bits per color component, so even finer color graduations can be displayed.

R&S PRIOS was developed specifically for applications which take into consideration the need to raise the frame rate, and not only the resolution and pixel count, for sequences in order to increase accutance. Typical applications for R&S PRIOS include high-end presentations, quality checking, dome projections, and motion rides. In terms of connectivity, R&S PRIOS has four DisplayPort 1.1a outputs.

Its genlock input allows multiple R&S PRIOS boards to be synchronized together in pixel-perfect harmony, making extensive multi-screen applications a breeze to realize. And when it comes to motion rides the output of video sequences can be synchronized with other devices, resulting in an extremely immersive experience for the audience.

The supported formats require very high data rates of over 4 GB/s. To transfer these to the video card, R&S PRIOS has a 2nd generation PCIe x16 interface.

Rohde & Schwarz DVS will also offer various upgrades for R&S PRIOS in the near future. The pipeline includes SDI inputs and outputs for 4K, four independent HD channels, as well as stereoscopic 3D in 4K resolution.

As ever, users can integrate R&S PRIOS into their own applications thanks to a feature-rich software development kit for Windows and Linux.

Juergen Heger, Product Manager Boards at Rohde & Schwarz DVS: “Our R&S PRIOS video board lets our customers develop really demanding applications which were hitherto impossible to realize. With R&S PRIOS we are presenting a powerful board which really drives forward the latest trends of tomorrow like HFR and UHD.”


Rohde & Schwarz DVS at the IBC: booth 7.E25

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