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Telefónica to launch 1 Gbps symmetrical service

September 22, 2014

From David Del Valle in Madrid

Responding to Vodafone and Orange’s respective acquisitions of ONO and Jazztel, Telefónica is putting more pressure on the Spanish market with the forthcoming launch of 200 Mbps symmetrical services over the next weeks and with up to 1 Gbps in 2015.

The telco is already testing this latter service along with the Chinese manufacturer Huawei which would offer ten times more on download and a hundred times more on upload than any of its current services (100 Mbps download, 10 Mpbs upload).

Such a high speed would enable Telefónica to broadcast on live sport events allowing the viewer to choose at any time the angle and the camera to watch the images. Using Huawei’s technology NGPON 1 will also enable 4K transmission.

Telefónica’s fibre network currently reaches 2.2 million homes in Spain with plans to reach 3 million passed homes by the end of the year.

The launch of this advanced service would place Spain at the same level as Japan and Korea in terms of the highest connection speeds in the world.

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