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Twitter promises lots more video

February 6, 2015

Twitter says “a lot more coming on the mobile video front” as it revealed it now sees more than 1.5 billion Vine loops a day for its short video service.

CEO Dick Costolo told the firm’s earnings call that the launch last week of a new feature that lets Twitter users capture, edit and share videos right from the Twitter app is part of its efforts to make video “fast and easy….We’re clearly at the very beginning of mobile video sharing and we’ll see with video what we’ve seen with photos – an abundance of creation and consumption happening from the device we have with us all the time.”

“We started…with Vine…and is seeing significant growth in consumption; they’re now seeing more than 1.5 billion Vine loops a day. We’ve also been bringing video to Twitter through publishers and advertisers over the last several months via both our Amplify program and our rollout of tools to professional publishers.”

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