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New ‘ultra-thin’ TVs later in 2015

February 19, 2015

By Chris Forrester

Glass manufacturing specialist Corning says it has developed new ‘ultra-thin’ glass suitable for LCD television screens. A report in trade magazine Display Daily by Chris Chinnock says that Corning’s ‘Iris’ glass sheets will enable next—generation TV sets to be routinely less than 10 mm thick.

The report says that thin glass usually means a compensating ‘thickness’ in terms of the frame and bezel holding the display together and to give strength to the overall unit.

Display Daily quotes John Bayne, GM/VP at Corning’s High Performance Displays & Advanced Glass Innovations, as saying that the Iris development is not only thin but exceptionally clear. Bayne expects the first products to adopt the technology to be larger sized 2k and 4k TVs.

“TVs with Iris glass will carry a $30 to $100 retail premium, Bayne thinks, which may be acceptable on an expensive TV. As volumes increase, it should migrate to mid-tier models as well. Bayne expected some manufacturers to start releasing models with Iris glass to hit the market later this year,” said the report.

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