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ZTE launches 4K smart STBs

February 27, 2015

ZTE Corporation, an international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, has announced the global launch of its smart 4-core OTT set-top box 760H.

The B760H STB is configured with a 4-core processor, and runs on Android 4.4. It supports the “IPTV+OTT” function and service, which can provide multiple functions and applications such as multi-screen interaction, family monitoring, 3D games and shopping.

In comparison to existing traditional HD network STBs, the B760H supports hard coding visual communication, which possesses several advantages in terms of HD technology. The hard coding reduces the requirement for computing which significantly lessens the burden on the CPU. When the HD image is processed the hard coding enables HD visual communication.

Fang Hui, VP of ZTE, said, “ZTE has launched an innovative product, getting in on the ground floor of dual-module STB intelligence. Despite the B760H’s intelligent functions, it is not complicated to use. Users can establish the cable/wireless connection between the STB and their TV by using the remote control. In addition, their mobile phone or tablet can be used as a second remote control so that the user can operate the screen jilting function and push their audio/video programs to the TV simply by sliding his/her finger towards the screen.”

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