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Optus, Nokia trial real-time video delivery

March 2, 2015

By Colin Mann

Australian telco Optus is to conduct a closed trial of a real-time, interactive, multimedia video experience at its Sydney headquarters that delivers content to subscribers through onsite base stations via Liquid Applications, a solution developed by partner Nokia Networks.

The trial is designed to distribute video and multimedia content to users directly from adjoining base stations – as content sits in the base station – rather than via the network core, resulting in increased delivery speed, and improved network congestion management benefits.

In a practical situation, Liquid Applications enables users to watch a sports match, concert, or major event from a variety of different angles on their device in real-time from content streamed directly from a nearby base station.

For example, if a spectator wants a different angle, or would like to switch between multiple views at a tennis, football or cricket match, using Liquid Applications they can do so directly from various cameras capturing the content around the site.

SingTel Group Chief Technology Officer, Tay Soo Meng said the trial was designed to explore the next phase of content delivery for customers, with the process reducing latency and providing ultra-responsive delivery at the edge of the network.

According to Tay, Optus is increasingly focusing on mobile Internet and strengthening its video delivery service capability. “The trial of Nokia’s Liquid Application is an important step towards testing a host of applications that would enhance end-user experience,” he added.

Liquid Applications works by equipping base stations with general purpose computing technology including a technology-powered server, to provide intelligent processing and storage capabilities for content and applications.

This accelerates the delivery of smartphone or tablet-based content and services, while reducing the amount of data passing between the base station and the network or the Internet.

According to Optus, the solution is also ideal for travel and holiday destinations, major points of interest, and tourist attractions. The end user can experience interesting facts and historical information about the location they are in, which is streamed directly from the nearest base station through the application.

The demonstration will commence at Optus’s Sydney headquarters and will comprise two cameras streaming videos to a nearby mobile base station.

Through Nokia’s Liquid Applications, the test team will be able to switch between the two cameras to enjoy different perspectives captured by the cameras directly on their smartphone or tablet.

Ray Owen, Head of Australia and New Zealand, Nokia Networks, said the demonstration would enable Optus subscribers to experience an interactive and customised video viewing experience on their smart devices with no delay. “We have combined our skills and technology expertise to help users experience the next generation of mobile broadband technology – setting a benchmark that complies with the highest standards of customer experience. It’s a win-win situation for the operator and its subscribers,” he declared.

Testers will have access to an application developed in collaboration with Nokia on their smart phone and tablet device to test how well the content is delivered to them and how responsive the interactive ability of the service is.

The multimedia content will be delivered over the Optus 4G Plus network

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