BitTorrent offers 4K content

BitTorrent’s ‘Bindle’ subscribers can now access 4K programming supplied by movie studio Mance Media.

The four shows on offer are: The Toy Soldiers; Dragons: Real Myths And Unreal Creatures;  Scarlet’s Witch, and Circles of Life: Iceland. Each show was shot in native 4K.

The 90-minute programmes have been compressed from about 300 GB in terms of native file size, and reduced to just under 3 GB.  The entertainment comes in 5.1 Surround Sound.

Each film is available worldwide for a cost of  $5 – $6 and can be watched on any 4K television or computer with the VLC player. 
BitTorrent’s Bundle has already been used to release programming such as Madonna’s ‘secret project revolution’ which was downloaded 1.9 million times (in 2K).

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