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TV2U forms strategic alliance to tackle piracy in China

May 6, 2015

TV2U, the content enabler and technology provider, today announced a strategic alliance with Stereoscope Cloud and Vector International to launch its TARA TV service into China. TV2U’s technology will be used by the Chinese Government to launch a state-owned video streaming service in a bid to significantly reduce piracy within the region.

TV2U will lead the alliance, launching its managed cloud entertainment platform, TARA TV, into mainland China. Hardware supplier Stereoscope Cloud and automation specialist Vector International will provide TV2U with knowledge of the market and centralised resources, as well as assisting with the development and expansion of the TARA TV platform.

Vector International’s software will also be used to introduce a loyalty scheme to TARA TV that incentivises consumers to use the state-owned platform rather than searching for illegally streamed movies. Similarly to traditional retail loyalty schemes, Chinese consumers will be able to earn points from shopping online or interacting with advertising on the platform. These points will be redeemable against pay-per-view premium content and other products and services provided through the TV2U platform.

The goal of the partnership is to provide a legal and cost-effective way for Chinese consumers to access Hollywood or other premium content without breaking the law. After launching into the market, TV2U will also be able to ingest local Chinese content into its global content network and offer it to subscribers outside of China, delivering local and Chinese-language video to nationals living elsewhere in the world.

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