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Yemeni channel removed by Nilesat

May 13, 2015

By Chris Forrester

Yemen’s Arabic broadcaster, al-Massirah, has been taken off the air by Egyptian satellite company Nilesat, while YouTube has seemingly removed the channel’s uploaded files showing the devastation caused by Saudi Arabia’s recent bombardment of the country.

The channel, which is affiliated to Yemen’s Ansarullah movement, has reportedly said on its Twitter account that Nilesat suspended its transmission on May 10th.

Al-Massirah also tweeted an allegation that the suspension was a result of “Saudi-American pressure” on the satellite company.

Nilesat has made no comment regarding suspension of the channel.

Al-Massirah has been broadcasting the images of the victims of and the damage caused by the Saudi aggression against Yemen.

Video sharing website YouTube has also reportedly removed the videos and images uploaded by al-Massirah that graphically showed the problems now faced by the country.

The news prompted Palestine’s Hezbollah to condemn the action saying it represented “frantic attempts by the Arab-Western suppression machine to silence the channel”.

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