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Sling TV launches Sling Latino

June 5, 2015

Sling TV is launching the “Sling Latino” brand, a live and on demand, OTT streaming service, giving Spanish-speaking and bilingual viewers more choice in TV content. Available immediately, viewers can select from two base packages, “Paquete Total” (22 channels for $12 per month) or “Paquete Esencial” (16 channels for $7 per month), each with live and on-demand content ranging from sports and general entertainment to movies and family programming.

In addition, Sling Latino is launching with two packages featuring popular channels from Colombia and Spain (España). The variety provided by Sling Latino enables viewers to custom tailor their programming, including the flexibility to combine Spanish-language services with Sling TV’s “Best of Live TV” English offering into one user experience.

“Whether viewers are solely interested in Spanish-language programming or are looking to supplement an English line-up with a few Spanish channels, Sling Latino is a flexible, affordable and mobile way to connect viewers with the best of Latino programming,” said Roger Lynch, Sling TV CEO. “Providing this connection remains fundamental to who we are, and we have been eager to give Hispanic viewers a new and contemporary way to watch Spanish-language TV.”

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