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Canon solves 4K wide-angle problem

August 26, 2015

By Chris Forrester

Canon has introduced its snappily-named  CJ12ex4.3B camera lens. Behind the code number is the fact that it is the world’s first wide-angle 4K camera lens with sensitive 2/3 inch sensors, and a 12x zoom functionality.

This means that the camera is good for ENG work as well as meaning better coverage of sports, live events and for film-makers looking for documentary productions because of its flexibility.

Yuichi Ishizuka, president/COO, Canon USA, said: “With a 96.3 degree angle of view, our best-in-class wide-angle lens will allow broadcasters to capture more of the scene in stunning 4K quality.”

This wide angle lens supports framing of scenes containing large amounts of image detail — for example, a wide end zone-to-end zone shot on a football or soccer field. Editors can then select a 1920 x 1080 crop from within the 3840 x 2160 camera original with full HDTV image quality. Alternatively, the 4K UHD camera video can be downsampled to HDTV offering enhanced resolution by virtue of that supersampled original.

The lens will be showcased at IBC and be available from December.

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