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INSIDE Secure announces first DRM solutions to meet HD/UHD content protection demands of Hollywood studios

September 9, 2015

INSIDE Secure has announced the launch of DRM Fusion Embedded Agent for HD/UHD for consumer electronics manufacturers and system on chip (SOC) makers, and DRM Fusion Downloadable Agent for HD/UHD for video service providers. These software development kits (SDK) are the first to support both Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) and Secure Content Path (SCP) hardware components on an ARM reference platform to secure the distribution of high and ultra-high definition (HD/UHD) content for over-the-top (OTT) devices in a way that meets the requirements of Hollywood studios.

In addition, the DRM Fusion Downloadable Agent for HD/UHD significantly increases the security of devices by incorporating a Trusted Application Manager to download or upgrade the Trusted Application. If the security of a device is compromised, a new version of the application can immediately be downloaded over-the-air to remedy the security issue.

“The challenge of content protection has deterred many device manufacturers, operators and content distributors from offering premium HD/UHD content,” said Martin Bergenwall head of the Mobile Security division at INSIDE Secure. “Today, we launched the DRM Fusion Agents for HD/UHD to lay those concerns to rest. Both agents incorporate the INSIDE Secure framework for DRM and security, which is already being used by 80 major deployments – including HBO, BBC, Sky, Orange, Canal+, and Bell Canada – and more than 100 million consumers every day.”

DRM Fusion Agents for HD/UHD support all of the leading DRM systems. The DRM Fusion Embedded Agent for HD/UHD is generally available today. The DRM Fusion Downloadable Agent for HD/UHD will be available in 2016.

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