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Doubts over Sling TV growth

December 11, 2015

By Chris Forrester

There are reports that Sling TV, the US ‘pay-TV lite’ service operated by DISH TV, has less than 500,000 subscribers.

The story started with a commentary from Dan Rayburn on his StreamingMedia website, and whatever the truth is, the facts are not helped by DISH declining to specifically say how many subs Sling TV has. The last official filing made by DISH TV, back at the end of March, said Sling TV had achieved a perfectly respectable 169,000 subs for Sling TV.

Sling TV launched in February 2015 with a base price of $20 a month for 16 channels.

Rayburn says that he has spoken to Sling TV equipment suppliers who have told him that Sling TV had less than a half-million subs as at the end of October. This, says Rayburn, suggests that growth at Sling TV has decelerated.

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