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Irdeto, Aspera watermarking for 20th Century Fox

January 8, 2016

Irdeto, a specilaist in digital platform security, has announced a strategic partnership with Aspera, an IBM company and creator of technologies that move data at maximum speed. The new partnership enables forensic watermarking capabilities which insert watermarks in real-time with no impact on delivery quality or speed. By combining Irdeto Tracemark with Aspera’s FASP transfer technology, content owners and distributors can rapidly and efficiently deliver and receive content all over the world while protecting it against redistribution piracy.

“The content industry needs a fast, secure way to deliver content and be able to trace and track it throughout its lifecycle,” said Richard Frankland, VP of Americas, Irdeto. “Forensic watermarking is an essential security element of a comprehensive content protection program. For the first time, Irdeto’s partnership with Aspera will bring together industry-standard content distribution and security technologies into an end-to-end solution with comprehensive managed services. This is a holistic approach that saves both time and money.”

“The Irdeto and Aspera partnership was essential in order for Fox to deploy a forensic watermarking solution seamlessly without affecting the user experience and having minimal impact on the workflow,” said Ian Harvey, SVP Advanced Technology, Twentieth Century Fox. “This managed service and end-to-end solution will greatly improve the transfer of large forensically marked files to our customers, allowing for rapid sharing while enabling premium content tracking to help manage redistribution piracy.”

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