3.3m HD adaptors bought for French DTT switch

3.3 million HD adaptors and 1.3 million HD TV sets were bought by French viewers ahead of the DTT HD switch in the night on April 4th/5th.

According to a survey from Toluna for French magazine LSA, 63.6 per cent of the 6 million households concerned who were still receiving DTT channels via a TV aerial opted for a DTT adaptor, and 10.2 per cent splashed out on a new TV set.

Consumers selected mainly cheap and mid-price models with 46 per cent of them choosing an adaptor ranging from €25 to €50. Among TV set buyers, 17.2 per cent spent less than €200, 32.8 per cent between €200 and €500, and 32.8 per cent between €500 and €1,500. €17.2 per cent of the consumers invested more than €1,500.

The survey also shows that over the first few days after the switchover, 6 per cent of French viewers were unable to watch any television, and 2.7 per cent weren’t able to do so for a whole week or more.

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