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Comcast embraces HDR for Olympics

May 20, 2016

By Chris Forrester

US cable giant Comcast is to implement High Dynamic Range (HDR) for the upcoming Rio Olympic Games, but not Ultra HD.

Comcast’s CTO Tony Werner told conference delegates at the Boston NCTA/INTX 2016 that the company plans to start shipping its first Xi5 set-top box with on-board HDR capabilities on July 4 and in good time for the Games.  Werner didn’t rule out 4K at a future time and is reportedly working on its Xi6 box for UHD capability within a year.

Comcast says that the Xi5 unit has been tested by staffers, and Mr Werner added that he had a more personal interest in seeing HDR than 4K and that HDR and 1080p delivered a noticeably better image.

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