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Huawei claims 10 Gbit/s first

June 8, 2016

Colin Mann @ ANGA COM

ICT solutions provider Huawei has launched what it says is the broadband industry’s first 10 Gbit/s hybrid fibre coaxial (HFC) access platform, supporting 10G DOCSIS3.1 in Cable as well as 10G PON in fiber.

According to Huawei, iIt can save about 70 per cent space in headend and improve the preference up to 30 per cent over coax. The 10 Gbit/s platform offers MSOs the ability to keep pace with the rise of Gigaband access and the future industry evolution to IP video.

Huawei notes that in the face of severe competition and the need to keep abreast of the industry’s move to network convergence, MSOs need to exploit the potential of existing coaxial cable and invest in the future-oriented fibre to the home (FTTH) solution. Huawei’s 10 Gbit/s HFC access platform consists of a large-capacity OLT (Optical Line Terminal) for optical aggregator, high-density 10G PON interface board, DOCSIS3.1 based D-CCAP (Distributed Converged Cable Access Platform), 10G PON ONT (Optical Network Terminal) and unified network management system.

By adopting cutting-edge technologies, including DOCSIS 3.1, D-CCAP and digitalised fiber and distributed devices, Huawei’s 10 Gbit/s HFC access platform makes achieving a 10 Gbit/s rate possible over coaxial cable and fibre. The new platform can also improve the Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) and transmission efficiency. As the D-CCAP modulates video at remote fiber nodes, instead of at the headend, Huawei’s 10 Gbit/s HFC access platform realises significant space saving in headed equipment rooms while at the same time delivering an improved user experience in video. Huawei notes that it can support both broadcasting TV and future IP video, help MSOs to release the potential of coax, build the on-demand network, and generate innovative services based on hybrid access platform.

“The era of Gigaband access is coming,” said Jeff Wang, president of Huawei Access Network Product Line. “Huawei has invested heavily in innovations in fiber, coaxial cable, copper wire, and Wi-Fi technologies. Our 10 Gbit/s HFC access platform will help MSOs to quickly roll out Gigabit networks with lower TCO and high O&M efficiency. With this platform, MSOs can migrate to IP videos in the future.”

As the driving force of the development of DOCSIS 3.1, Huawei has been making a series of technology breakthroughs including the industry first DOCSIS3.1 prototype launched in SCTE 2013, the first DOCSIS3.1 D-CCAP solution launched in ANGA COM 2014, the first DOCSIS3.1 field test with TDC in June 2015, and the first 10Gbit/s DOCSIS3.1 service demo in ANGACOM 2016.

Huawei’s D-CCAP solution has been widely applied by mainstream MSOs in 29 counties, including: Denmark, New Zealand, Finland, France, Japan, Russia, and Brazil. It now covers more than 40 million households. The 10 Gbit/s FTTH solution has been widely applied in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and China. Huawei’s 10 Gbit/s HFC access platform aims to invigorate the broadcast and television industry and enable MSOs to be more competitive in the era of Gigaband access, building a better connected world.

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