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FTTH Council welcomes push for Gigabit society

September 14, 2016

The FTTH Council Europe has welcomed the legislative proposals of the European Commission revising Europe’s telecoms rulebook. The proposal sends an important signal that the policy and regulatory landscape is shifting towards prioritising fibre investments. Focusing on infrastructure based competition and regulatory tools that enable it, such as duct access is the right policy choice to drive fibre investment.

The FTTH Council Europe believes that building a Gigabit Society is the right ambition in the fast moving, globalised digital age. Very High Capacity connectivity – implying fibre-based networks – is the backbone of the digital era and indispensable for every citizen and business in order to participate and compete in an all-connected world.

“The progressive thinking of the European Commission pointing towards ubiquitous fibre coverage for the whole of Europe is the right way forward in the global digital race. We need the approach proposed in this legislation if we are to get the investments needed to achieve best in class networks in Europe […]” said Ronan Kelly, President of the FTTH Council Europe.

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