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EchoStar 23 wants urgent SpaceX launch

November 9, 2016

By Chris Forrester

EchoStar 23, a high-power satellite built by Space Systems/Loral, and originally due for launch “in the late Q3 period” of this year, is looking for an extremely urgent launch. EchoStar-23 is a Ku-band DTH/DBS satellite.

The problem is that SpaceX has a long queue of clients wanting their satellites to be launched. But for EchoStar, a delayed launch for E-23 could mean financial penalties and is subject to potential penalties from Brazil if it fails to be in position, and working, by Q2 2017.

EchoStar-23 is due for launch to the 45 degrees West orbital location.

Meanwhile, another EchoStar craft, EchoStar-21 is currently said to be on track for launch on a Proton rocket from Kazakhstan in December. E-21, built by Space Systems/Loral, is supplying S-band capacity and should its launch be delayed into the New Year it could face EU-levied penalties.

SpaceX says it will return to launch in mid-December.

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