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StratusCore cloud production platform

January 31, 2017

StratusCore, a content production technology company, has announced the general availability of its cloud-based digital content production platform and suite of tools for the digital content industry.

Film, television, gaming, advertising, virtual reality and other industries developing content for digital mediums can leverage StratusCore’s offering of on-demand tools, services and community resources that eliminate the complexity and inefficiency often associated with the data-intensive content creation process. Through StratusCore’s platform, digital artists gain affordable access to popular content creation tools and a marketplace of projects to which they can submit their credentials. At the same time, productions and studios gain superior control and protection of all assets and resources.

Global media and entertainment organiaations including Sony, Sony Interactive, Universal, DreamWorks and Netflix have used StratusCore’s cloud-based platform to access resources such as high-speed large file transfer, secure storage, cloud rendering, role-based services provisioning, and remote collaboration.

“As the cloud has gained broad acceptance and adoption, the time was right in the market for an all-encompassing ecosystem that mitigates the pain points of all parties involved in the digital content development space, from studios and production companies to individual artists,” said Denise Muyco, co-founder and CEO of StratusCore. “We’re pleased to be working with innovative studios, over the top (OTT) providers, post-production houses, game developers and artists to help reimagine the digital content creation industry.”

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