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Sprint Spot app rolls out across US

April 25, 2017

Suggesting they are elevating the mobile entertainment experience with a one-stop destination for on-demand video, games, music and more, live and on-demand video delivery solutions provider MobiTV and communications services company Sprint are launching a new feature-rich content app Sprint Spot, available now for Android users.

Sprint Spot allows users to listen to music, play games, watch movies and discover video content from MobiTV providers such as Amazon Prime and top quality content partners. They say the app gives mobile users easy access to all the types of entertainment they want to consume, with ease.

MobiTV platforms includes DRM and CMS to ingest and deliver content from multiple providers seamlessly. Sprint Spot is preloaded on all Sprint Android devices and is available for free download in the Google Play store. An iOS version will be rolling out soon.

Sprint Spot marks the newest chapter in MobiTV and Sprint’s teamwork, which began with the launch of Sprint TV in 2004. MobiTV pioneered the technology to bring video to mobile phones, and Sprint was the first wireless carrier to understand the mobile phone as the ‘third’ screen for video content.

“We’re proud to bring the next wave of mobile entertainment to Sprint’s customers across the nation. Our newest venture sets the new standard for high scale, superior quality of aggregated services. This is yet another great addition to the list of game-changing initiatives we’ve launched during our long-standing relationship with Sprint,” said Charlie Nooney, CEO and Chairman of MobiTV.

“As mobile adoption rates continue to climb, consumers will demand more and more high-quality, varied content, and carriers need to be ready,” said Mark Yarkosky, Director, Product Development at Sprint. “We’re excited for our customers to access this new comprehensive, integrated experience with MobiTV, which we know has the best mobile television solution in the market.”

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