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PlayOn cloud-based streaming for Android

May 24, 2017

MediaMall Technologies has announced the launch of its PlayOn Cloud app for Android, which joins the iOS app that launched last year. PlayOn Cloud allows enables to record and download any movie or TV show from the 12 most popular streaming services to watch offline on any device.

PlayOn Cloud allows users to initiate recordings directly from their mobile device. PlayOn immediately creates the recording in the cloud and keeps it there for 30 days in the customer’s own personal cloud locker. Users can download recordings to their mobile devices, PC or Mac to watch anytime, anywhere. And with PlayOn’s AdSkip technology, users can watch recordings while automatically skipping over commercials.

“By offering PlayOn Cloud for both Android and iOS devices and by significantly reducing the cost of recordings, we are affordably offering the ultimate streaming experience – the ability to watch any streaming movie or show anytime, on any device – without worrying about blowing up your data plan or missing a show because it has expired,” said Jeff Lawrence, President and CEO of PlayOn. “This is a game changer for commuters, travellers, users with mobile data caps, and those who don’t want to miss movies and TV shows when they expire from streaming services.”

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