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AMC ad-free on Comcast

June 29, 2017

AMC and Comcast are to offer a new $4.99-a-month upgrade option, branded ‘AMC Premiere’, that will allow US viewers to watch the latest episode of AMC shows without any commercials.

The service will also include bonus scenes and interviews with casts and writers. It will not, however, have past seasons of many of AMC’s shows.

AMC’s president, Charlie Collier, said he hoped the service would attract fans of the network’s biggest shows. “This is not a stand-alone service,” he said, referring to the ever-growing range of products like HBO Now or its counterpart from Showtime. “This is an option, a choice or an upgrade to fans who love the product.”

The service will be available to purchase for the roughly 19 million Comcast subscribers who already have AMC. Collier told the NYT he hoped to make additional deals with other cable providers.

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