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Samsung trims TV output targets

August 8, 2017

By Chris Forrester

South Korea’s electronics giant Samsung is reportedly amending its business plan for this year and in the process lowering its manufacturing of TV sets.

Large Display Monitor (LDM) is reporting that the expected 48-49 million output by the end of this year, is likely to fall to around 44 million and says that there are some suggestions that the end result might be as low as 42 million.

The thought is that Samsung wants to keep its products at the high premium end of the market and also to maintain or improve margins on its displays.

LDM’s editor Bob Raikes says that Samsung has failed in its attempt to develop OLED TVs that it could mass produce commercially. “It has pinned its colours to the mast of Quantum Dot (QD), and for the moment QD LCDs. The current QD in the backlight technology is pretty good, but you also need a good backlight. The next generation of QD TV, with quantum dots in the place of the colour filter should give the technology a big boost and has the promise of finally removing one of the key disadvantages of LCDs, that is to say, varying performance according to the viewing angle.”

“Doubts among the pickiest buyers about the lifetime of OLED seem to have gone away and specialist and user reviews are very positive. The fact that Sony and Panasonic have also endorsed OLED for top end TVs will have sent a strong signal to the market. Both companies have a very deep understanding of really top image quality,” adds Raikes.

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