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Wowza claims new ultra-low latency service

September 11, 2017

Wowza Media Systems has unveiled a new Ultra Low Latency Service as a part of the Wowza Streaming Cloud platform. Built on top of Microsoft Azure, the global cloud computing infrastructure, this service will deliver live-streaming at unsurpassed speed and scale. The Wowza Ultra Low Latency Service combines streaming software with intelligent monitoring and management, reliably delivering streams across the globe with less than two seconds of end-to-end latency.

“Our new Ultra Low Latency Service makes it possible to deliver consistent user experiences around the world, with streams that start instantly, don’t buffer and rarely drop—regardless of existing network conditions,” said Dave Stubenvoll, CEO and co-founder at Wowza Media Systems. “Unlike legacy networks, our new platform is designed to deliver at the speed needed for the next generation of applications and services, so it doesn’t cache and won’t artificially inject latency based on demand or scale.”

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