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TiVo launches BOLT VOX

October 24, 2017

TiVo has unveiled several new additions to the TiVo consumer product family – the TiVo BOLT VOX and TiVo Mini VOX. The latest device lineup includes TiVo’s first voice control remote – the TiVo VOX Remote, with which viewers can use their voice to search for programmes across live TV, DVR, video-on demand and online streaming services. The new TiVo products also include access to the latest visually rich, on-screen TiVo user experience, complete with built-in personalized recommendations and intelligent predictions.

TiVo says its BOLT VOX “provides the most personalised and unified entertainment experience ever, combining the features of TiVo’s most powerful DVR with the most popular online streaming services, all controlled by a single voice-powered remote contro”l. The new TiVo Mini VOX allows viewers to expand the experience to other rooms in the house with up to 4K picture quality, faster performance, and no additional service fees.

“Consumers today have access to more TV content than ever before, but finding it requires multiple devices, remotes and confusing user experiences,” said Ted Malone, vice president of Consumer Products and Services, TiVo. “The new TiVo BOLT VOX lets consumers easily find the shows they want to watch without having to know whether the programme is on live TV, DVR, video-on-demand or streaming from an online service – all by simply speaking into their remote.”

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