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MENA anti-piracy group closes 30 channels

October 25, 2017

By Chris Forrester

Dubai-based MENA Broadcast Anti-Piracy Coalition says it has successfully seen 30 Arabic and ‘Western’ regular pirate channels closed and a further 26 to cut back on their theft of pirated material.

These are instances where channels steal the legitimate content – often sports or movies – owned by established broadcasters.

A meeting of the coalition at IBC re-stated its intention to remain vigilant and to expand its focus to IPTV and OTT pirated transmissions. Guillaume Forbin, OSN Head of Platform & Content Security, unveiled research showing IPTV piracy was still growing heavily.

The organisation’s web-site lists the infringing channels, mostly movie services and many uplinked by Noorsat, the facility company recently bought by Eutelsat.

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