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Noorsat gears up for HD and UHD expansion

November 14, 2017

By Chris Forrester

Now firmly part of the Eutelsat family, Bahrain and Amman-based Noorsat says it is ready to move forward in its next stage of opening and developing relationships in the Middle East.

Noorsat, founded in 2004 as a subsidiary of the Mawared/Orbit group of companies, was acquired by Eutelsat in October. General Manager Omar Shoter says he welcomes Eutelsat’s extended reach beyond the MENA and Gulf region, “But it’s not just about extending reach. Customers will benefit from the extra talent and additional skillsets that Eutelsat offers as well as gain access to the innovation that drives future services, ensuring we stay one-step ahead technologically.”

Part of that extra drive is to tap into the growing demand for High Definition services. “Viewing trends across sophisticated MENA broadcasting markets are evolving fast and, as we go forward, we will embrace the transition to HD TV that enables broadcasters to differentiate their content. Screens across the region are getting bigger and HD-ready, as they have in other parts of the world. On these new, larger screens, SD no longer provides the high-quality viewing experience viewers expect. We look forward to accelerating the roll-out of HD across the region, and to preparing and supporting our customers for the introduction of Ultra HD.”

Shoter told clients that his priority was to deliver the very highest quality satellite services to our customers, whether that is for broadcast, media, telecom or data services. “The combination of our intimate market knowledge, and Eutelsat’s extensive expertise and coverage across the Middle East and the rest of the globe, will strengthen our offering to take our service delivery to another level.”

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