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Orange Belgium expands video service with Zappware

May 31, 2018

Orange Belgium is expanding its convergent offering with an evolution of its video features. This also broadens the scope for Zappware, Orange Belgium’s Digital TV Technology partner, who developed the multiscreen video platform.

Orange Belgium is continuously investing to enrich its Love offering, to support its convergent positioning and growth. The video service is a cornerstone of the value proposition, hence the importance of unlocking this service on Android and iOS devices, in symbiosis with the main-screen TV experience.

Zappware could extend its scope in providing now the full video back-office for serving all screens for a Live TV service.

“The scope extension for Zappware enables us to serve Orange Belgium with a true unified multiscreen user experience, managed through a unified Zappware back office. That is obviously an extra business opportunity for Zappware in our home market. With the end-user in mind, which is the DNA of Zappware, even more relevant is the enriched value proposition towards the end-users of Orange Belgium: a seamless video experience on any device in any location”, said Patrick Vos, CEO of Zappware.

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