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Pluto TV on Roku

October 4, 2018

Pluto TV has announced the arrival of Pluto TV on Roku streaming players in the UK. The service boasts a line-up of original channels populated with content curated into diverse, thematic entertainment offerings.

Pluto TV’s UK offering contains original Pluto TV channels, from Pluto TV Movies and Pluto TV Sports to Pluto TV Fight, Pluto TV Explore and branded channels such as Xive TV, World Poker Tour and exclusively available in Europe on Pluto TV, Mystery Science Theater 3000. The catch up feature gives users the ability to view channel highlights and choose between a traditional lean-back or lean-forward viewing experience.

“Right after our European launch it’s now important to connect Pluto TV increasingly to users. Streaming devices such as Roku players are key to generating instant reach, so we’re thrilled to now offer Pluto TV to Roku users in Great Britain.”, said Olivier Jollet, Managing Director Europe, Pluto TV, “Pluto TV does things a bit differently than other streaming TV services by curating handmade channels for content lovers, once you start to dig around, there’s plenty to discover.”

“Pluto TV is a popular choice among Roku users in the US, and we’re excited that its engaging high-quality video and TV content is now available to our UK users,” said Ingo Reese, Director Content Acquisition at Roku. “Pluto TV is a great destination for free TV, a category that is in high demand on our platform.”

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