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142 UHD channels now on air

October 19, 2018

Chris Forrester @ MIPCOM

Michel Chabrol, SVP of New TV Formats at Eutelsat, told MIPCOM delegates that there are now 142 channels and services transmitting in 4K worldwide.

Chabrol said 55 of these channels were coming from satellite, while satellites were supplying 93 channel ‘feeds’ to operators. 85 IPTV-based services were in 4K, and 2 terrestrial channels were making experimental broadcasts.

This month the world’s first 4K full-time terrestrial channel started transmissions in China (from CCTV) which followed on from the China Ultra High Definition Video Industry Alliance-backed demo-channel which started broadcasting in March 2018.

Some 76 channels (or feeds) were being transmitted for European viewers, in 46 countries and broadcasting in 33 languages.

In April, a similar Eutelsat report showed that just 99 channels (or feeds) were being transmitted.

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