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OLED displays can suffer screen logo ‘burn in’

October 24, 2018

By Chris Forrester

OLED-based TV displays are generally acknowledged to enjoy a ‘best of breed’ reputation amongst viewers and the industry. However, a recent suite of tests show an alarming set of results and distinct anxieties.

The tests were run by product review and ratings specialists (which coyly describes ‘burn in’ as “image retention”). Rtings started a long-term burn-in test on six LG OLED displays, and with each set having a dedicated channel running on it for 5 continuous hours, and then with a 1-hour ‘rest’, and the cycle repeated continuously.

CNN was one of the channels subjected to the 5000+ hour tests, and its ever-present logo was visible as ‘burn-in’ and described as “severe” by Werner.

Werner said: “ seems to take its testing seriously, and they recognise that only Donald Trump watches CNN all the time. So, beginning in the next week or so, will begin a new test with six LG OLED C7 TVs. These sets will display different mixtures of programming intended to represent what real people with different viewing tastes might actually watch over a period of days, weeks, and months.”

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