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China to offer “free” WiFi to the planet

December 11, 2018

By Chris Forrester

Amidst the legal and potential other challenges levelled against Chinese telephone company Huawei, there is now confirmation that Shanghai-based LinkSure Swarm wants to circle the globe with satellites offering “free” WiFi.

The plan is to launch the first satellite next year, another 10 during 2020 and build up to a total of 272 satellites.

LinkSure Swarm Constellation System, the Chinese mobile internet firm established its official satellite team in 2016 and plans to invest 3 billion yuan (about £338 million) into the project, according to China Daily citing CEO Wang Jingying.

The company says that users would have free access to internet services provided by the system and browse the web in remote regions where telecom networks do not cover.

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